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Racing Edge provides daily ratings for all UK horse racing, compiled into one easy to understand, colour coded table, indicating the strongest horses (blue) and the weakest horses (red) in each race.

Racing Edge is not a mainstream ratings site. We aim to identify the weak favourites from the strong ones and find the outsiders that are a lot stronger than the markets would lead you to believe.

We do not just use mainstream factors to rate horses, which means blue rated winners are often at very good prices.

By either using the ratings on their own or in conjunction with normal form analysis, users are able to considerably narrow down the horses that have the best chances of winning each race.

Take a look at our historic data and see for yourself, and then give the ratings a try - subscriptions start from as little as 39p a day.

If you have any questions about the ratings or how best to use them please email us, we are always happy to discuss ideas.

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